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Manatee County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.


To provide a positive and supportive community where foster and adoptive families can connect and grow.  Following the mission of Florida FAPA, we strive to support, educate and advocate for foster and adoptive families here in Manatee County.

Organization Overview

We typically meet the first Thursday of every month  from 7-8:30pm. We have a guest speaker provide a casual training and we conduct our general business meeting.  All of our Monthly Meetings/Trainings are held online  via Zoom for the convenience of all of our families.  Relative and non-relative Caregivers are also welcome.     Certificates are also provided for required re-licensing training hours. 

We also have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group where we post meeting information, resources, stories, photos and much, much more. Please join us there as well. 

Board of Directors: 

President: Michele Connizzo  

Vice President: Patrick Schwar

Secretary: Kelly Lipp

Treasurer: Ericka Isensee

Membership: Vacant

Training Coordinator: Vacamt

Sarasota Liasion: Brandy Towler

DeSoto Liasion: Vacant

Interested in serving the Manatee County FAPA by filling one of our vacant Board roles?  Email Michele at or for more information.


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