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The Opioid epidemic has hit hard in our area. More and more children are entering care and there are not enough homes to meet the demand. If you have it in your heart to Foster, please attend an informational meeting.

Learn more here: Safe Children Coalition-Foster.


Once children enter the Foster Care system, if they are unable to return home, the case plan change to finding permanency through Adoption. If you have it in your heart to adopt, you can also attend an information meeting to learn more. There is a great need for Adoptive homes for Teenagers.

Learn more here: Safe Children Coalition- Adopt.

To see children available for adoption, visit the Heart Gallery of Sarasota. 

Foster Care and Adoption can definitely pull at your heartstrings, but maybe you aren't able to Foster or Adopt. You can still get involved by volunteering. See how here: Get Involved

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Foster & Adoptive Parents

Already A Foster or Adoptive Parent in Manatee, Sarasota or DeSoto County?  Join the Manatee County FAPA. This group is for  parents to get together, learn, grow and support each other. We know the call to foster or adopt is not an easy path and it has it's challenges. Lets come together and support one another.

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